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About us

What we do

Founded in 2016 as a social enterprise in Perth, WA, the Summer X Salt Markets began as a vision to promote local, conscious creatives, artisans and small businesses specifically interested in ocean sustainability.

Today, Summer X Salt is now known as WA’s iconic Surf and Salty Lifestyle Market-Place, a platform that engages and provides positive growth to the creative coastal community, whilst working towards a more sustainable future.

Each beachside market showcases a carefully curated line-up of surf and salty inspired artists and designers, live music, food and drink trucks positioned within walking distance to the beach!

You’ll also find free kids workshops, community yoga and meditation sessions at each event.

Our achievements

To date, Summer x Salt has welcomed over 2000 emerging small businesses and creative makers  into their community, helping them to grow and thrive. 

In 2018, Co-owners Sophie and Mei Wan launched the ‘Salty Startup’ Grant to provide financial support in the form of a market stall and ongoing business and brand mentorship. This grant is available for an inspiring local business or early stage startup project focusing on an environmental, ocean friendly initiative.

In 2019 also Summer X Salt launched their first ever sell out ‘SALTY NIGHTS’ Outdoor Movie Night and silent art auction, subsequently raising over $10k for Bushfire Relief funds. 

Our Mission

The Summer x Salt Markets provide a socially-conscious marketplace and inclusive community for talented local designers, creatives, foodies and musicians who are on a mission to do good for the planet.

Our Vision

We strive towards creating a space and launching purposeful events or initiatives that strengthen communities, focus on sustainable projects and encourage creative collaborations in a positive, active and healthy environment.

Our Salty Goals

Turn the tide on plastic

Reduce the impact single-use plastics are having on our oceans and land.
We aim to be a 100% single use plastic-free, waste-free event.

Coastal community

To inspire healthier communities by connecting people to real humans
and shared experiences outdoors.

Growing the good

To provide a platform that brings local business, organisations, designers and creative
projects to life within a conscious, salty space.

Live lightly

Connecting and educating people on living more lightly. And supporting socially and
ethically conscious products and services for a better world.

Spread the froth!

Encouraging positive mental health and well being through surfing, being in the sea
and an active lifestyle. As the saying goes, you can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf!

Who are we?

Sophie Keate and Mei Wan Yong, co-owners of the Summer x Salt Markets, and Salty Folk inc met in 2016 (over a diffuser), having both recently become self employed. 

With a background in Marketing, Event Management and Strategic Planning, Sophie and Mei began collaborating on joint freelance projects and events. Not long after their first coastal summer working together, did Sophie and Mei jump in head first and self fund their new project, the Summer x Salt Markets.

Today, Summer x Salt leads the way in inspiring healthier communities through shared experiences and supports the wellbeing of people and sustainability of the planet.

Join our salty tribe.