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If you, like us, had an abundance of time during iso, you’ve perhaps delved into the plethora of environmental docos available at the touch of button? Sir David Attenborough has been leading the way for decades as evident in his latest A Life On Our Planet. But others like Kiss The Dirt and 2040 have also emerged. These films, whilst shocking, are not designed to stun us into powerless and inaction. Instead they task us with the obligation to make change. It’s fairly simple really, and it starts with you, but first you must get comfortable living with less.

The impact of COVID-19 may have seen a contracted ecological footprint globally and #EarthOvershootDay may have been the latest it’s been for some time. But these are outlier statistics, for the best part of the last century (and the duration of Attenborough’s life) the world’s ability to sustain itself has been in decline.

This is not time to unlearn the lessons from the catalyst coronavirus pandemic, but instead to take the knowledge we have learnt from binging nature docos and take direct actions to make direct change.

Feeling overwhelmed? We’re right there with you, but lucky for us (and you guys) one of our epic local makers has some product solutions for you. Are you ready to make the switch with the help of Envirobren?

Here are some key areas in our lives where most of us consume plastic goods – the kitchen, the bathroom and laundry and when we are out and about.

How to make the switch :

In The Kitchen:

Cling wrap: SWITCH TO AGreena: Reusable Silicone 3 in 1 Wraps.

A safe, non-toxic, reusable wrap for sandwiches, rolls, wraps or anything else you can think of. No shape is too difficult for Agreena sheets to wrap around. Time after time….
There’s not a hint of plastic in these bad boys. They work like cling wrap without the detrimental impact that single use plastic has on the environment when it degrades.
Agreena covers and perfectly seals bowls, cups, glasses and plates with a perfectly airtight seal. They come in a box of 2 x large silicone baking sheets and also a box of 2 small (20cm x 20cm) & 2 large (30cm x 30cm) silicone wraps plus instructions for use and care.

In The Kitchen:

Zip lock bags: SWITCH TO My Humble Earth Reusable Silicone ZipLock Bags.

Being dishwasher safe, freezer safe, microwave safe and oven safe makes this product very easy to use and low maintenance, and their compact so easily stack in the freezer and lunch bag.
DID YOU KNOW that these amazing bags can be used in the oven up to 220degrees Celsius? They can also be used for steaming veggies or cooking Sous Vide!
The reusable silicone ziplock bags come in 500ml, 1000ml and 1500ml sizes so you can choose which is best for your needs.

Some other kitchen kindness suggestions:

  • plastic produce bags (you know the annoying ones that never want to open at the ends) – mesh bags, glass jars, even brown paper mushroom bags
  • plastic wrapped bread – invest in a bread bag and take a trip to your local bakery
  • canned fruit and veg (did you know cans have plastic lining?) – fresh is best, drystore beans – just soak in a tsp of baking/ bi-card powder and water before cooking
  • plastic wrapped produce – buy naked (mother nature gave them skin for a reason!)

In The Laundry:

Plastic/ Wooden clothing pegs: SWITCH TO Let’s Go Nature’al Stainless Steel Wire Pegs.

Designed to last a lifetime these eco friendly pegs are made from the highest quality marine grade (#316) stainless steel which means that they’ll never rust (even if you live near the ocean).

DID YOU KNOW Plastic pegs break down in the heat of the sun and wooden pegs can go mouldy after a while?

You’ll never need to replace these beauties and so they’ll save you money in the long run and you’ll be doing the environment a favour. The pegs come in a sustainable pure cotton, undyed, unbleached reusable bag.

**Added bonus: Marine grade Clothes Pegs won’t get hot so are perfect for hot summer conditions.

Creative cleaning suggestions (DIY, zero-waste and non-tox):

  • All purpose cleaner: warm water and white vinegar (1:1 ratio)
  • Save old rags as cleaning cloths
  • Fabric softener: vinegar, water, vegetable glycerin (by product of soap making), essential oil of choice. Recipe.

Out and about:

Single use cold drink cups: SWITCH TO MontiiCo Mini and Original Smoothie Cups.

MontiiCo Smoothie Cups are made for the little legends (and the young at heart) and come in a rainbow of colours The stainless steel, scratch resistant finish makes it durable (and kid safe).

The smoothie cups are vacuum insulated double wall stainless steel with means that your drink will stay cold for 6 hours at least.
They come with a screw on stainless steel lid and a thick stainless steel straw (the mini cup comes with a mini stainless steel straw and bonus silicone mini straw).
The original smoothie cup is 450ml or a decent 16oz while the mini smoothie cup is 275ml or 90z. What size is best for you?

H2Onya Reusable Drink Bottles.

It’s mind boggling when you think of how many millions of plastic bottles go into landfill around the world every single day. H2Onya is making hydration responsible and healthy (for us and the planet)

The drinking bottles come in 500ml, 750ml and 1L sizes in great colours to suit any taste.

Made from stainless steel H2Onya bottles will never retain or leach flavours.They’re ultra durable and tough as and unless you lose them they will last you for years!!

More market ready must haves:

  • plastic straws: SWITCH TO metal or bamboo reusable straws
  • coffee cups: SWITCH TO don’t be a mug, use your keep cup or slow down a little and grab a mug from the mug library to sip from while you meander through local artisan pieces or enjoy a bit to eat permitting you a boycotting…
  • takeaway containers: SWITCH TO good ol’ tupperware

We have become a single-use society due to convenience and lack of information. With knowledge we can empower change, it just takes a little extra preparation! Not only do these lifestyle changes benefit the planet, they are often healthier alternatives, and they support the local guys. Remember it’s not about doing it perfectly it’s about the small changes that make a world of difference, or should we say a different world.

What waste free habits are you going to carry forward to aid our #reuserevolution?

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