Our Impact People

Our People

Together we can do so much

Our thriving and inclusive community is built on people.

We ensure our stallholders align with our goals and provide them an open platform where they can access relevant resources and information to help one another grow.

Today, our markets are a strong and thriving community of local legends, small businesses, designers, musicians, purposeful organisations and salty folk and together, we’re pushing for a more responsible future.

We would love to hear about your new idea, emerging project or start-up business and how we can collaborate to help you grow.

We believe in wellness

We prioritise the health and wellness of our salty folk to ensure that our community stay strong and connected throughout all of our events and gatherings.
With the support of local Instructors, we team up to provide Free Yoga, Meditation and Sound Healing before our markets kick off. These holistic wellness practices are simple, easy and suitable for all levels. They have a positive effect on physical health and mental wellbeing and provide a rejuvenating body/mind/spirit experience. Those that have attended our classes have seen an increase in their calmness, clarity and overall wellbeing as well as feeling more fulfilled and peaceful. 
Donations are welcome and donated to local charities.

To date we have achieved the following :

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