Ocean Remedy

Business Description

Microplastic pollution in the form of microfibres from laundry waste water is recognised as a global problem. In deep ocean sediments plastic is more abundant than oceanic gyres in the form of microfibres. Ocean Remedy acknowledges synthetic fabrics are a large problem, and our product is 100% synthetic.

We collaborate with the good folks of STOP! Microwaste Pollution to research and seek solutions to microplastic pollution.

As such we have brought Guppyfriend wash bags to Australia.  Guppyfriend stops fibre breakage by protecting your garments in the wash. Additionally, being constructed of a technically woven nylon monofilament, the fibres that do break are contained in the bag.  This keeps them out of laundry waste water, are out of our oceans.

We continue to research microplastic fibre release from fabrics, with a goal to reduce the problem at the textile and fibre level, in addition to options to empower individuals to make a difference, like Guppyfriend.