Sofie Seyah Illustration

Business Description

Watercolour and ink artist. Marine environmental scientist. Mother. Dreamer. David Bowie and Freddie Mercury fan. Bohemian.

I was born with a paintbrush in one hand and crayons in the other, a stone’s throw from the ocean. As soon as I could walk I was swimming and as soon as I was swimming, I was snorkelling. Instantly addicted to the adventure that came with being immersed in the ocean, if I wasn’t painting watercolour sunsets, I was head-down-bum-up swimming with the fish at Mettam’s Pool.

It wasn’t until 2011, when I fell in love with Perth artist Sarah McCloskey’s ink and watercolour artwork that I was inspired to reconnect with my creative side; filling sketchbooks with drawings, paintings and bringing the ocean’s incredible creatures to life with my art. Then in 2015, my son entered the world. I was unemployed, overwhelmed and fumbling through my journey of parenthood, desperate for a creative outlet and distraction. After substantial encouragement, a printing budget and a market gazebo birthday present from my husband, Sofie Seyah Illustration was born in late 2015.  My first ever market stall was the first ever Summer x Salt market at Brighton in early 2016 and I’ve hardly missed one since.

My artwork reflects a combination of the internal struggle of the marine scientist within wanting the anatomically-correct illustration and the creative artist who desires to splash, have fun and break free of form and function. My creative process quite adequately summarises my career; constantly flicking between the disciplined scientist and the messy creative, it often makes translating what’s in my head onto paper an unmanageable task. Within each and every drawing is a detailed story, each one unique as the subject itself. Taking inspiration from the ocean and making it personal is my way of sharing the intrigue and fascination of these incredible creatures with you.  When you buy a piece of my art and hang it in your homes, I want to inspire a love and fondness within you for the species adorning your walls. I want to ignite a fierce protectiveness, so when there is a call to action for us to step up and act on their behalf, you feel compelled to contribute to their conservation, so that future generations can experience the majesty of these animals as well.

Sustainability is considered in every aspect right down to the paper they’re printed on. Part proceeds of each sale is donated to the Australian Marine Conservation Society.