Meet the Maker: Dune Coastal

Meet the awesome Dune Coastal Wear. Based in Dunsborough these guys design stunning beach and coastal wear using all-natural materials with earthy colours taken from the coastal vegetation, the beach and the horizon. Now let’s dive deep into the makers and creators themselves …

1. When did you start your business and how did you come up with the idea?

We met 2016 in Sri Lanka where we both got stranded to do some soul searching. After getting to know each other better we realised that we had very similar passions and interests. Whilst sipping on a cocktail at a bar next to the ocean and talking about our dream job we came to the conclusion that running a clothing label that can make a positive impact sounded pretty epic. It’s one thing to talk about it and another to make it happen. We are still learning every day and enjoying it more than ever.

2. What does your daily life look like and where do you find the time to create?

We are joyfully woken each morning at 5.30am by our beautiful 9month old daughter. After some cuddles and then tending to her needs, we do some stretches, cook breakfast and get ready for work. During the day we alternate looking after the baby, cooking and preparing cups of tea. It took a bit of practice but we now have a great routine where we work from 8am to 4pm from Monday to Friday at home. There is nothing like a good routine for productivity and we are highly creative during these hours.

Everything is designed by us with materials that are hard-wearing for long life. We manufactured in Sri Lanka with the Eastern Garment Traders. The garments are designed for everyday use, our range is produced in small quantities.

3. What keeps you going when things get tough or you have a lack of motivation?

After working together as a couple for the last few years we have observed a quirky rhythm where when one of us is lacking in motivation then the other one is on fire.

We always support one another and even though working as a couple presents its own challenges we wouldn’t have it any other way.

4. Tell us one of the most important things you have learnt since running your business.

1. Keep persisting, don’t be afraid of asking again and again and again.
2. Clearly seperate business from private life (if you work with your partner).
3. You have to understand every aspect of your business to then be able to give away tasks to professionals. Wait did you say ONE important thing?

5. What do you enjoy the most?
Learning and growing. We love that we are in a challenging and creative environment every day. Every seed we plant is there for us to be grown and harvested. It makes us so proud.

6. And what does the future look like?
Organic, Natural and Ethical. Dune believes in the slow fashion model. Dune uses only natural and raw fabrics, every piece is made in Australia. Dune produces enough to satisfy the demand but never too much to overproduce. Dune is for conscious people with a pinch of trend.